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Tank-o-box  v.

Tank-o-box is the typical arcade game in which you must defend your base with a tank. The objective of the game is to defend your base while destroying all enemy tanks before they destroy you.

P&O Cruises Live Ship Tracker  v.1. 3. 2003

Follow the P&O Cruises fleet direct from your desktop. See wich glorious destinations the ships are visiting each day.


Tank-o-Box Macintosh Edition  v.1 2

Tank-o-box is a new action-packed remake of a classic arcade battle tank game. Modern 3D graphics, 3D sound and fancy game engine guarantee the ultimate battle-tanking experience. The game action takes place on the battlefield, where your tank and

A.P.O.D. Screensaver  v.1.0.0

Screensaver based upon the Astronomy Picture of the Day web site (Robert Nemiroff [MTU] & Jerry Bonnell [USRA]).

ProLingo Spanish to English Dictionary

Windows Vista Ready! Slang words Included. Audio pronunciation in 5 voices. Contains most of available words and is great solution same as for novice and experienced skill levels.

Clothing Organizer  v.10.8

Enables you to generate barcoded labels through the Label Shop. Use this POS to operate Clothing Stores and Boutiques. It enables you to generate barcoded labels through the Label Shop.More than a standard P.O.S.,

WholeSale Organizer  v.9.6

WholeSale Organizer is a flexible P.O.S that enables you to perform various tasks. Manage wholesale & retail businesses. This flexible P.O.S. enables you to perform various tasks. If you operate in the wholesale industry,

1-abc.net Personal Addresses  v.5.00

This program organizes all your personal contact data fast and easily. It starts directly without annoying splash screens and anything you enter is saved automatically. Access can be protected with a password and you decide where the data is located.

DataPipe Database Search Replace  v.4.0

Advanced interactive search replace directly in database tables with patterns, fuzzy and sounds-like matching,trim leading and trailing blanks and binary characters,correct capitalization,code your own transform in VBScript or JScript and heaps more

Geo Data German Admin (English)  v.10 2

Geodata of the Federal Republic Germany with municipalities, postal codes, telefone preselections. Suitable for branch searches, periphery searches and distance computations. Georeferences as Gauss Krueger, UTM and geographic coordinates. ORTREF:

Switch to Headphones  v.1.1

This is a very simple application that when launched switches a users audio output from the current selection to the other (regardless of which one is currently selected) in Mac OS X version 10.

Sentinel Interact  v.3 1

Sentinel is a 'Windows' based back office software which allows for the following: - Item cost analysis - Item last lost analysis - Minimum and Maximum Quantities - Barcodes - Mark-ups - Gross profit - Complex items (Hamper, menu, weight, manu

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